Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pomps move, so should you

“Looking for pompano” ?  Look at the beaches a little south, of Juno Pier, they are moving with the warmer water. There have been fish caught off of Singer Island’s Coral Reef Park, and down by the PB inlet. I would bet the next stop is going to be Boynton Beach (note you can’t fish the jetties yet--March, April maybe-- but the north and south side of the inlet you can). Park in the south parking lot and its a short walk to ether side , I would even bounce a Capt. Joe’s pompano jig tipped with a piece of shrimp, off the back sea wall of the parking lot, I’ve caught them there before. On the beach you may want to use a double hook pompano set up with a 2-4oz. sinker to get it out there around the sand bar. The pomp guys use clams and sand fleas as bait. Fleas are getting hard to find because of the cold, so go with the clams. You can get them from Publix or a fish market, shrimp will work but some of these guys fish pompano **EVERY DAY** they are using clams.  “They talk, I listen”. As the weather and water warms up again’ the pomps will find their way back north looking for a meal, and if you want to catch them you got to move with them.

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