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A Fisherman’s Tools Are More Than Just Hooks and Line

When Bassmaster Classic champions go fishing, they have to be prepared for all types of unforeseen events. Chris Lane, who won the Bassmaster Classic in 2012, The Elite Plano Series in 2013, and most recently, the Bassmaster Elite Series St. John's River Event in March of 2014 is one of these champions. The most recent victory guarantees Chris' spot in the 2015 Bassmaster Classic, which will be held from Feb. 20-22 on Lake Hartwell in South Carolina. I spoke with Chris recently about his approach to fishing, and the tools he uses to help him win.
St-Johns-Day-2 web-Chris-Lane-pk-480Chris Lane weighing in for the win at the St. John’s River Bassmaster Elite Series
For his win in March at St. John's River in Jacksonville, FL, he credited a Luck-E-Strike ribbontail worm in black-and-blue, and a prototype soft stickbait being developed by Luck-E-Strike, as well as a homemade jig. He rigged both Luck-E-Strikes with a 1/8-ounce Reins weight.
The specifics of his gear included:
Jig gear: 7'6″ heavy-action All Star ASMicro casting rod, Abu Garcia Revo SX (6.4:1 gear ratio), 65-pound Stren Sonic Braid line, 1-oz. homemade jig (black/blue), unnamed chunk trailer (black/blue).
Lane also threw a Texas-rigged large 7″ soft stickbait that's being developed by Luck E Strike. He caught a 9-pounder on day two on it, while the majority of his other big fish came on the same jig.
Worm gear: 7′ medium-heavy All Star ASMicro casting rod, Abu Garcia Revo Rocket casting reel (9.0:1 gear ratio), 15-pound Stren Brute Strength monofilament line, 1/8-oz. Reins Tungsten worm weight, unnamed 5/0 worm hook, 7.5″ Luck E Strike original ringer worm (black blue shad).
In addition to his riggings and jigs, Lane had other weapons to help him, such as tools to use when the weather turned.
"When you're fishing and you get wet, it can really impact your fishing in a negative way," said Lane. "Instead of focusing on fishing, you have to spend time trying to get dry and fighting the elements. Whenever I fish in tournaments, I wear the frogg toggs® Pilot II Ultra-Performance rainwear to stay dry in the rain, and warm in the winter."

CHRIS LANE-410-pkBassmaster Champion Chris Lane wearing the new Pilot Series gear.
Lane said the best feature of the frogg toggs® fishing gear is that he can easily move around while getting his work done.
"Some of the other manufacturer's rain gear I've tried is way too heavy and restrictive," said Lane. "The frogg toggs® Pilot Series II and all their gear is very light, and I hardly sweat at all. I can cast easily, move around like I need to, and the air moves through the clothing, but the water doesn't."
One of the main reasons the gear is so effective is because of the technology perfected by the frogg toggs® engineers called, "Dripore® breathable technology."

product-technology-1-dri-pore-140-PKDripore technology keeps the water out and the air moving through.

How It Works – Dripore™ Technology

Using proven materials and technology, the Dripore breathable wade-wear products such as the Pilot II Jacket and Bib are guaranteed to be dry and comfortable on the inside, no matter what is going on outside. This new Ultra-Performance rainwear by frogg toggs® is constructed from similar materials to their line of breathable waders. This Classic material is the waterproof technology on which frogg toggs® was founded, which lets air in but keeps water out.
Taking cues from their success in the breathable wader market, frogg toggs® developed the Pilot II rainwear system specifically for the angler that absolutely has to stay dry no matter what the conditions. They accomplished this with better breathability, lighter weight, and a better price point than any other premium rainwear available.
DSC01182-PK-480Bassmaster Champions Randy Howell (L) and Chris Lane in the Pilot Series II

Features of the New Pilot Series II

  • Constructed from 3-layer submersible breathable wader material
  • 3-way adjustable hood with visor
  • Interior storage pocket
  • Internal, adjustable neoprene cuff. Hook and loop adjustable outer cuff to seal against the elements
  • 100% seam sealed and waterproof
  • Water resistant zippers on front closure, leg zips, and external chest pocket
  • Large, expandable cargo pockets on legs
  • Zip down front and thigh length leg zippers for easy on and off
  • 4-accessory D-shaped rings on Bibs and Jackets
NOTE: Regarding the new laws in a few states that prohibit felt bottoms on boot feet, frogg toggs® offers several alternatives that include: Studded rubber soles, sticky soles and cleated rubber soles. Check out the entire frogg toggs wadewear and wading accessory line for more information.
pf63160-405The new Pilot Series Guide jacket.

The Amazing Chilly Pad and the Chilly Bean Cap

In 2004, frogg toggs® introduced the original cooling towel, the Chilly Pad. It's a revolutionary product that keeps you cool while you are enduring heat or during high levels of physical activity. Chilly Pad's unique hyper-evaporation material stays dry to the touch. As the material's water evaporates, it provides the user with cool, soft comfort. When it stops cooling (after about 3-to-4 hours depending on conditions), all it takes is simply re-wetting the towel in warm or cold water and wringing it out. Within minutes, its cooling comfort begins again. And when Chilly products are used as physical sun protection, they offer superior UPF 50 sun and UV protection.

chilly pad group 1-180-PKThe Chilly Pad collection.
Stay effortlessly cool and show your team spirit with the new National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Licensed Chilly Pad. Made from the same highly effective cooling material as the original Chilly Pad, this cooling towel is emblazoned with your favorite NCAA athletics department's colors and logo. Simply wet it, wring it out and wear it to stay cool, and even wave it around when your team's scoreboard ticks up.
ft chillypad ncaalaydown all 4color hiresOfficial NCAA Chilly Pads.
Check out the super-sized Chilly Pad® too. If the original was great, a bigger version is superb. The new super-sized Chilly Pad is going to change the way people enjoy a day at the beach or by the pool. Lay it on top of a beach chair or at a poolside for hours of cooling relief. Instead of taking a break to cool off in the water, just "chill out" and stay cool while finishing the summer read.
Another great product – particularly for fishermen in Florida -- is the Chilly Bean Cooling Hat. Made from advanced Chilly Pad® cooling material and breathable mesh, this sun-shielding hat keeps air flowing and cooling for hours. It provides shade and heat relief, and looks great too.
Q: What is the Chilly Pad® product (Chilly Dana® and Chilly Sport™) made of?
A: The following frogg toggs® products: The original Chilly Pad®, Chilly Dana® and Chilly Sport™ are all constructed of a durable and organic "man made sponge" called polyvinyl alcohol.
Q: How Does the Chilly Pad® (Dana & Sport) Work?
A: The Chilly Pad®, Dana and Sport material is highly absorbent, (like a sponge) and can absorb up to eight times its weight in water. Once wet, the towels produce a cooling affect with the help of simple evaporation. As long as the towel is wet, exposed to the air, and allowed to "breathe," the Chilly towels will evaporate and cool.

Wading Shoes, Pack Vests and Neoprene Gloves

At last, someone has taken 150-plus years of Roper styling and married it to the all-natural comfort of waterproof, soft, stretchable rubber to build the perfect waterproof boot.
Amphid-Mudd Hogg 1Amphid Mudd Hogg boots.
Built to fit and feel like your old-worn favorite on the very first day you wear them, the frogg toggs® Toad Rage and insulated Tundra Toad Roper boots blend traditional styling with modern comfort, performance and value to create one of the best new ideas in a decade. Available in rough leather, Alligator and Ostrich finishes, the Rage series is one Bad' Mudder.

251382-PKAransas™ Neoprene Surf and Sand Shoe
The new Hellbender™ Pack vest is made from frogg toggs® exclusive waterproof and breathable ToadSkinz™ materials. The Hellbender™ combines Dripore™ technology, super-tough and lightweight function, with a traditional multi-pocket vest design.
                                                      HELLBENDER-PACK-VESTThe renowned HELLBENDER Pack-Vest.

Just for Women, Children, and The Collections

The expanded line of frogg toggs® unique weather-proof gear and clothing includes many choices designed exclusively for women and children. From the women's Tekk Toad™ Jacket, to women's Karta Rain Pants, these designs are all made from the same exclusive material as other frogg toggs® clothing. Children can choose from wader boots, vests, suits and more to match Dad and Mom's gear! Visit the frogg toggs® Website below to see detailed descriptions, photos and pricing.

catagory-static-blockwomens-suits-PK-270All-purpose Women's Rain Suit.

For a full list of stores and to view the entire frogg toggs® catalog, please visit their Website.


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