Tuesday, June 3, 2014

From Henry & Fred @ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach

Two weeks of beautiful weather, a little wind, seas that never went above three feet, I love south Florida.
Lets start on the beach, it is summer and the fish are here, great time to go for a walk casting a lure or just bring a seat with you and let the bait find the fish. Snook season is closed so all the slot fish will make their pretense known,  Tarpon are rolling and then the Whiting with a mix of Croaker to keep you busy, pretty sweet fishing.   Snook and Tarpon for the early angler casting plugs or you could use live baits of which there is plenty.  Tarpon will test your limits from small to big they are al here, Snook will make you wish you could turn back time, but still fun to catch.  Please do not drag these fish up on the sand, step into the water and release them.  The sand wipes off their slime coat that protective coat that lets them glide thru the water.    Plenty of Whiting to take home or use as live bait, that’s what the Snook and Tarpon are feeding on.  Yes, there were some Pompano and Blues reported but only a few.  Looking for a place to bend a rod come on down, do not forget your sun screen. Summer Fishing, fish early, watch the sun come up.   Still a lot of big Trout with a mix of slot Reds but you have to be there early.  After sun has been up for a couple of hours fish the shaded water or go to deeper water and slow down the fish will pick up the bait not attack it. Snook season is closed that is the reason they are in the Inlet, North Fork, South Fork, pick a bridge they are every where. Tarpon in the inlet, South Fork, North Fork, pick a bridge and they will be there, low light is the time.

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