Friday, June 13, 2014

Sebastian Inlet Report


We have another stunning morning at the Sebastian Inlet. Winds are blowing out of the South-Southwest at 9 mph and gusting to 15. The water is calm with a light chop. The NOAA forecast is calling for 1 - 2' seas this weekend but it's also calling for those summer showers and thunderstorms. Always check the NOAA forecast prior to going offshore and keep an eye on what could be coming while you are out there. Summer weather can change very quickly. Get off the beaches and jetties when you see the weather patterns changing.

We talked to Tony Swiderski of Sebastian this morning who is out fishing the north jetty. Tony landed two oversized Reds this morning, one at 29" and one at 32", using live shrimp. Tony reported the Goliath Grouper under the north jetty are gobbling up anything that isn't reeled in fast enough, so consider yourself warned! There are a lot of jellyfish in the water also. A lot of Spadefish are visible, a few Snapper, and quite a few Lookdowns are taking small jigs and bits of shrimp. Schools of Snook are visible but they are in spawning mode now and aren't that interested in eating. They are catch and release until Sept. 1st. It's best not to target Snook during spawning season; they can be seriously injured or killed from being tossed off the north jetty incorrectly. Try to lower them back into the water via drop net if possible. If a drop net isn't available, point the Snook head first in an area that isn't rocky for release back into the water. You can read FWC catch and release information on the top right corner of this page, along with other valuable tips.

Our first photo features Brady Clark with a Whiting he landed on the south beach. Pictured with our budding angler is his brother Logan and cousin Ciera Patterson. Ciera is brother to Vincent who we featured yesterday and Brady and Logan are his cousins. It looks like we have a family of future anglers in the making. 

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