Thursday, July 23, 2015


       A Hot New Superline from FINS

The type of fishing line you choose is undoubtedly one of the most critical decisions you can make when it comes to completing your setup. Many anglers often spend a fair amount of time when selecting a rod or reel, yet give very little thought to the type and style of line they buy. To say this can be a mistake is a huge understatement, as the optimal line will allow for a much more enjoyable and productive experience overall. At ICAST this year, we swung by the FINS booth to see their new superline that they are marketing as a real “game changer.”
 Without a knot, FINS 40G actually tests much higher than its labeled breaking strength.
40G Superline: The folks at FINS are touting their new 40G Superline as being superior to all other braids on the market. This is a pretty bold statement considering the stiff competition that already exists today. FINS tells us that this line boasts a special composite structure which in turn gives it a mono-like smoothness with extreme durability. It indeed felt very smooth to the touch and seems like it'll be a great long-casting line.

Fins 40G exhibits impressive stats.

Available colors are blue, white, and chartreuse.
One of the most exciting aspects of the 40G lines is the fact that they are extremely thin. As an example, the 85-pound line carries a mere 12-pound test diameter, while the 65-pound line is as fine as 8-pound test! This will allow an angler to increase line capacity or spool heavier line on smaller reels, if so desired.

Thanks to Karla Burch for showing us this new superline.

Conclusion: FINS 40G Superline will hit the market beginning in mid September. Consumers will have their choice of six different tests including 5,15,25,45,65, and 85-pound sizes in 150, 300, or 1,500 yard spools. Expect MSRP to range from $25.99 up to $236.25 for the largest spool/test. Fishing line is not something to often get too excited about, but the new 40G Superline has our interest.We can't wait to spool some up for ourselves and hit the water!

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