Tuesday, July 21, 2015

From Henry & Fred @ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach

Yes it is hot and in the afternoon we will have a shower or two but
it is summer and I love it.  You have to fish early or deep if you are going
to find them.
 Going to the surfs edge watch the sun come up or catch the high tide.
Lots of bait schools and lots of fish with them, fish the edges of the bait, one
bait on the out side of the school is easy pickings. Tarpon and Snook will be
your target but big Jacks will travel with the school so be ready.  Make sure
your spools are full because you will need every inch once in the your target.
Look at the edge, you  are looking for activity, when you see it is is time to get
the equipment and put it to work.  Check your hooks, are they sharp? Now if you
are like me and tend to sleep a little later watch that tide chart and catch it an
hour before high tide till an hour after, watch for the activity. 

Now if it is Whiting and Croaker come on down, most of the day they are in the trough, do not forget the ice.
   Fishing the river if you are looking for numbers fish before sun up, just fishing look to deeper water or shaded water.   Good  Trout bite in numbers on top water but as the sun brightens the fish will disappear.  Still Tarpon rolling in the inlet, Snook to the rocks on the south side but these fish are out of season so take the barbs off the hooks or go back into the river and fish the shaded water for best results.  

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