Monday, July 13, 2015

From Henry & Fred @ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach

 Yes it is summer, water temps are warm, bright sun and the shrimp are small. This is the time when big shrimp make little shrimp so what shrimp are there are small, it is a season thing.  Here at the Snook Nook we are sending back more than we are taking, they are just to small but there are other baits to work with.  Small Pins
are the baits of choice, they are the bait of choice for commercial Trout anglers.  So for all of us shrimp anglers the next full moon should turn it around for us.
  River anglers good bite reported but you have to be there as the sun is coming up. Fishing north of Little Mud, north side of Nettles or many locations south to the inlet fish
before sun up and you will find fish.   East side or west good bite on top water or soft rubber, Trout, Red’s, Jacks and plenty of Lady fish or watch for the Snook and Tarpon you will get them but early is the key.  Tarpon and Snook to the Inlet, Tarpon you will see them roll, the Snook cast to the rocks and let your bait fall to the bottom, take the barbs off the hooks for a quick release.  North Fork good bite also but again fish early.  After sun up look
to deeper water and slow  your retrieve, fish the shaded water.
   Surf has been hot and cold, plenty of bait and Lady Fish.  Conditions  are perfect but the fish, who knows.  Plenty  of bait reported with a very short bite time.  Snook and Tarpon, fish
early or catch the high tide, watch for the activity  then fish the edge of the bait school, you will see the fish. The rest being well fed you just have to be there, except for the Lady Fish they will make you crazy.  Surf temps are warm so fish early or just come on down and enjoy lake Atlantic.
        And yes it is summer, fish early, pay attention to the bait schools and I promise I will get shrimp as soon as possible..

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