Thursday, January 24, 2019

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

I had to check the calendar the last few days to make sure I didn't miss the late winter, spring, and early summer surf seasons. I did check the Discovery Channel and confirmed Shark Week has not started!! You wouldn't know that after the last few days on a number of local beaches as the spinners have been putting on a show. I fished at Middle Cove on Sunday morning with Randy and knew there was life on the beach by the bird play when we came over the dunes . The first action we experienced was a nice sized pompano and we both thought , the game is on. The next bite was a remora, which is never a good sign, and the next five bites all were immediate shark bite offs. The number of spinners putting on a show, chasing fish and free jumping was unbelievable. The loss of rigs and tackle forced up to make a move and the next couple of beaches produced very few bites. I tried John Brooks and Blue Heron yesterday morning in a building northerly wind and guess what, the sharks were there. There were a few pompano taken at Normandy Beach yesterday morning and unfortunately the big surf that is forecast for the next few days is going to make surf fishing pretty tough. As far as the sharks are concerned , I received a text from friend and local surf angler Brad Master who has been having fun throwing big top water plugs to the spinners and doing battle with them. I f you want to fight a big fish from the beach get some big plugs like the Yo Zuri surface cruiser, Rapala XRap, Halco Poppers, or Williamson Popper Pros , replace the treble hooks with individual replacements , and have at it. A small trace of wire leader or heavy 60 to 80 pound test leader material will help prevent some cut offs. Just like we talk about during the Fall Mullet Run, release these great fish in a safe, quick, and timely manner . They deserve to be returned to their domain. 

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