Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

As the rain keeps coming down and the wind keeps blowing this Sunday night, I am actually going to post something positive about our local surf action from this weekend. I started out early Saturday morning looking for some decent water to target some pompano and found the water wasn't the issue, beach conditions were. I looked at Surfside and BlueHeron up near Fort Pierce Inlet and found last weeks winds had eroded those spots to the point of getting my cart to the surf was almost impossible. The wind was starting to increase by mid morning so I opted not to try Middle Cove and Dolemans due to the conditions. One last stop at Tiger Shores proved to be the right one as the water color was perfect and the wind had actually backed off to make conditions fishable. I was fortunate enough to catch blue runners, bluefish, and 5 big pompano in a couple of hours and was headed home before the rain started. EZ Flea , Yellow Crab and Shrimp Fishbites caught the pompano along with some salted clam strips. The pompano were all nice sized ones with the largest weighing at just over three pounds. It is nice to know there are some fish spread out along the local beaches and we just need Mother Nature to give us a chance. Do not be afraid to check out some other beaches other than the one you have chosen to start at as conditions such as wave heights, currents, trough locations, and seaweed amounts can be totally different from one location to the next. Good luck this week and lets keep our fingers crossed in hope that conditions improve.

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