Friday, June 24, 2022

Report From The Snook-Nook

This time of year provides some of the best Snook fishing you can find in our area as they are in their yearly summer spawn and are ready to feed. You can expect to find big breeder Snook schooled up in the St. Lucie Inlet, at the hole in the wall, on the beaches, on local nearshore wrecks and reefs and at the causeways. It is always important to practice safe catch and release practices when dealing with these large breeder fish to ensure a healthy release for the fish. Using heavier tackle, circle hooks and reviving the fish before release will give it a great opportunity to swim off strong. Fishing with live baits such as Croakers or Pilchards seems to provide anglers with the best results when targeting Snook in the Summer. We should have a steady supply of Croakers throughout the summer. If you haven’t given them a shot yet, you’re missing out on a chance at a trophy Snook!For those who like to fish with artificials, Swimbaits such as Hogy Pro Tails, No Live Bait Needed Paddle Tails or Lil Mullets are great options whether you are fishing inshore or off the beach for Snook. If you are looking to fish a hard bait, Yozuri Crystal Minnows are also a great option for fishing around the bridges or casting from the beaches or jetties for Snook.  

Tarpon fishing should also begin to pick up for anglers this month. We have heard about some being caught around the causeways. Try to shoot for an evening outgoing tide as crabs have been pushing through the bridges on the outgoing tides and have been met by some hungry Tarpon. You can also expect to find more Tarpon showing up in the inlet as well as the crossroads. Live crabs or large mullet are great options to fish in those areas. For those looking to fish up river by the power plant, you can typically find some cooperative Tarpon around Big Mud. Fishing Pilchards, Mullet or crabs will all work for live bait options up that way. If you are looking to fish artificials, DOA Terror Eyz or Baitbusters are a great choice in that area. 

If you are looking to do some meat fishing and put some fish in the box, we have begun to see a lot more keeper Mangrove Snappers being caught inshore which is expected this time of year. Look for them around structures such as the bridges, older docks with growth and channel markers. You can get them on live shrimp and when you need to pick through smaller fish, you can fish a small pilchard to catch the larger fish in the group. 

There have been some Trout reported up towards Nettles Island and farther up towards Bear Point. We’ve heard them caught on live pilchards, shrimp, topwaters and artificials such as DOA Cals and artificial shrimp. If you are looking for an arm workout, there have been plenty of big jacks cruising the seawalls. Toss out a live bait or work a top water and hold on! Other species that have been making the inshore catch list include; Flounder, Spanish Mackerel, Bonefish and more! It is a great time of year to get out there and get on some fish! 

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