Wednesday, September 7, 2022

From Todd,Eddy & Jeff @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

 INSHORE-  Snook season is back open...I mean it's kind of like a holiday in itself right???  Snook bite remains strong in the Loxahatchee River early in the morning on topwaters.  The Yo-Zuri Hydro and Topknock Pencil continue to get smashed by snook hanging along seawalls, dock, and mangrove points with current on them.  The current is a big key to it.  While you can on occasion coax a bite out of a snook on slack tide, moving water will greatly improve your chances!  The snook bite also remains strong around the bridges at night. Top of the outgoing tide will likely produce the best results on the snook, especially in areas closer to inlet with cleaner water.  Other inshore action is a bit slow.  Best bet will no doubt be to focus on the snook.   

SURF/PIER-  Snook fishing remains very good at the Juno Beach Pier and in the Inlets.  At the pier a 5" NLBN swimbait has been getting smoked by the snook.  White and natural color swimbaits have been producing the best results on the snook.  The snook in Jupiter Inlet have been keyed in on small pilchards for the most part; but are starting to also take notice of the first traces of mullet showing up.  A few good schools of mullet did come down the beach this week.  It was almost like the predators weren't expecting them just yet and they didn't have much in them.  As the schools continue to show up in better numbers that will no doubt change quickly.  Tarpon have been in the minnow schools up to the north pretty good.  Still a good number of mangrove snapper around the pier and in Jupiter Inlet this week.  

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