Tuesday, July 1, 2014

From Todd / Eric @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

              "Taming Your Tackle, Part 2"

Keeping a couple small 'go-to' boxes packed for different species/tactics is an easy way to keep your tackle organized, and eliminate un-needed clutter on any given fishing trip. 

Depending on your target species or fishing trip these boxes will vary greatly; but with a little thought and careful packing it is possible to pack a big punch with a small box. While you don't want to leave anything behind, or wish you had that box of lures sitting in the garage; not having a huge tackle box to dig through can be a huge time saver.

Example: Pictured is my go-to big snook box. It always has jigs, a few swim baits, leader, and pliers in it. I feel confident in that selection, and have no need for a lot of other extra stuff in the box.

Pro Tip: Keeping unneeded tackle in its original package greatly preserves its life. It is amazing how many lures, hooks, and other terminal tackle become rusty or corroded in a tackle box and have never even been used. Keep it sealed in the package, when practical.

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