Wednesday, July 2, 2014

From Todd / Eric @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

           "Taming Your Tackle, Part 3"

Soft plastic, or often called "worm", binders are a great way to pack a lot of tackle into a small place. While very useful for storing soft plastic baits; they are also good for storing rigs and other terminal tackle as well. Avoid large bulky items to get the most out of your binders, and avoid overstuffing them. Too much stuff, and they become very hard to flip through(I can tell you that from personal experience!) 

Pro Tip: If using binder for storing soft plastics, try and keep the baits in their factory package when possible. This will allow you to pack two colors per "page". Also, when you lock onto the magic color for the day; it is easier to pull that pack of baits out and have it readily available.

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