Friday, July 25, 2014

Sebastian Inlet Report


We have a stunning morning at the inlet. The wind is blowing out of the Southwest at 6 mph, gusting to 8 and there is a light chop on the water. The NOAA forecast is calling for 2' seas today and 1 - 2' seas tomorrow. Today (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday) are the last days of open season for Red Snapper and it looks as if we will have good conditions, there's always a good chance of rain this time of year. Always check the NOAA forecast prior to going offshore. Lobster mini-season will be July 30th and 31st; it will close, and then reopen August 6th - March 31st. While you're down there, if you see any Lionfish, feel free to get rid of them! The invasive species are harmful to our environment; they have no known predators other than man. There are no size restrictions or bag limits on Lionfish; we need to eradicate them from our waters. See FWC Lionfish for instructions on how to catch, kill, handle and clean the species. Their spikey spines are venomous and should be avoided. Their meat is not poisonous and is supposed to be very tasty. Go to for information on Lobster mini-season and Lionfish instructions. 

Mangrove Snapper are the best bet for our jetty anglers. If fishing from the jetties or shoreline, use light tackle with shrimp, minnows, cut bait, small pieces of squid, mojarra or greenies. Popping flies and surface plugs also work inshore. We've seen some big Reds and a few keepers, C/R Snook, Jacks, a few Blue Runners, Spanish Mackerel and Lookdowns. Permit have been scarce. 

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