Friday, September 18, 2020

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Just got back from raking sandfleas at Blue Heron Beach and it is definitely fishable- for now . Looking at the forecast as we head into the weekend conditions are going to change quickly. Hurricane Teddy is going to give us a building surf starting late Saturday so if you plan on fishing the beaches get there before Saturday night. Seas are forecast to build to 9 feet on Sunday and up to 14 feet on Monday. Thats a big swell. I am happy to deal with unfishable conditions at this time of year along the beach if the storms causing all of the wave action stay well offshore. It seems the last couple of years as soon as the first schools of mullet appear in our area we get some big weather. I was at the Snook Nook this morning and the mullet were getting hammered behind the store. Maybe its time to break out the snook set ups and hit the river next week because hearing anglers coming into the store today, the snook bite is pretty darn good .The northeast pattern of wind is forecast through Tuesday and the mullet and pompano schools should get chased down the coast from the areas they have been holding north of us. Looking at my Windfinder app seas do not drop to under 6 feet until next Friday. This can certainly change between now and then but it does not look very promising. On a positive note anyone who wants to rake some sandfleas for future use , they have been plentiful from Middle Cove to Fort Pierce Inlet. They have really been showing from 5 pm to dark and I only raked for about an hour and a half tonight and filled a bucket with some nice fleas. There are plenty of mullet starting to show in the river so my advice is to give that a shot after our conditions start to get bad starting late Saturday.

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