Saturday, September 26, 2020

From Todd, Trey & Nick @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE:  Good inshore action right now.  The rough weather has helped to push a good number of mullet in the inlets and dispersed them throughout the ICW.   Close behind the mullet have been a good number of snook, jacks, tarpon, and maybe even a redfish or two.  Look for the best action to be during low light periods of the day, overcast conditions, or at night.  The mullet tend to be the most active during these times, and the predators take full advantage of the easy meal.   Try throwing a topwater lure (like a Chasebaits Drunken Mullet!) for some explosive strikes right now around the mullet.  The bridge snook bite has been very good over the past week.  A flair hawk jig or SpoolTek has been a solid lure choice for the snook.  

SURF/PIER:  Despite rough surf, the Juno Beach Pier has continued to produce a decent snook bite.  With rough turned up conditions a Flair Hawk has been the lure of choice for the snook.  Swim it low and slow for the best luck with the snook.  White jigs have been the top color choice for the snook on the pier.  Conditions look good for the pompano to bite once the water clears up a little bit.  Sand fleas, FishBItes, and the new FishGum will be the bait of choice for the pompano.  The mullet are defiantly coming down the beach in good numbers right now.  Tarpon, jacks, snook, and some early season bluefish are all in tow with the mullet right now.  Look for the mullet and predators to be the most active early in the morning and again late in the afternoon.  The mullet have been flowing through both Jupiter  and Palm Beach inlets in good numbers, and either is a good starting spot to look for some mullet schools.  

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