Sunday, September 20, 2020

From Todd, Trey & Nick @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

 INSHORE-  The mullet are beginning to show inshore, and the fishing has begun to improve dramatically as a result.  Snook, tarpon, jacks, and maybe even a few redfish are all taking advantage of the endless buffet of finger mullet flowing through.  Typically the mullet come up to the surface best at night (Or during the day in low traffic areas or during overcast days), and that is when the fish tend to be the most active.  Lots of good lure options for fishing inshore ariound the mullet schools.  A topwater lure (Yo-Zuri Hydro Pencil. Yo-Zuri Top Knoc, Rapala Skitterwalk, or Heddon Zara Spook) is a great way to excite a bite while fishing around mullet schools.  Try focus on the edge of the schools for best results.  Snook fishing will also be good at night around the bridges.  Look for the snook to stack up around the bridge pilings and let the tide wash them a endless finger mullet buffet.  A DOA Baitbuster is a great lure choice for this.  With a strong swell forecasted for the end of the weekend. don't be surprised to see a lot of mullet showing up inshore.  

SURF/PIER-  Surf action has really fired up over the past week.  The mullet are starting to show, and the  predators are close behind.  The early season mullet run is a great time to target snook, tarpon, and jacks.  Following the later arriving mullet should be bluefish and blacktip sharks.  A live mullet fished on the outside edges of the school is a great way to go.  Keep the mullet close, but distanced enough that he looks like a easy target for quick results.  If the tarpon are around and you can't get bit on a live mullet, trying a fresh dead one.  Let it sink just on the edge of the school.  A lot of times tarpon patrolling the edges will pick up the easy sinking meal as they keep the bait surrounded.  For those looking to throw lures a  Yo-Zuri Mag Darter, Rapala X-Rap, or large silver spoon will all be good ways to go around the mullet.  The Juno Beach Pier continues to produce a good snook bite, along with a fair number of pompano and a permit or two.  The pompano have been biting Doc's Goofy Jigs and Fishbites the best early this season.  

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