Thursday, October 7, 2021

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

 Quick surf report from today . Started down towards Tiger Shores but weeds were an issue early this morning. I made a stop at Stuart Beach and watched the tarpon, jacks, and sharks put on a show tearing up the mullet schools 30 yards off of the beach . It was crazy . Ended up at Blue Heron to the north. Water was so so but at least the weeds weren’t too bad . Caught 2 10 inch pompano right away on Ez Flea and Pink Crab Fishbites . The bites stopped for awhile then caught and released a few jacks, catfish, and one small whiting. I got sharked off a couple of times and then had a huge bite while reeling in something small . Turned out to be a 100 pound tarpon that I actually got 2 jumps out of before it straightened the hook on my pompano rig . Lots of life along the beach right now with these mullet showing . Heading to Moffitt tomorrow and then up to St Simons Island on Friday to fish in a redfish surf tournament sponsored by Fishbites over the weekend . I’m fishing with my son Danny and grandson Christian . I’ll be back down on the beach in our area on Monday . I hope the weeds clear out for everyone over the weekend and you catch some fish .

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