Friday, February 18, 2011


This weekend looks like it may be a nice one with some warm weather and sunny skies. For you early bird beach goers , blue fish, & macs at sun rise.  As the sun comes up, around 10-11am the waters edge and inside flats, should be starting to warm up, the beaches  have been holding whiting, crocker and pompano. Most of the regular beach guys have been using cut clams and catching all three. As you are traveling, look for the trucks with the big rod caring rigs on them or just big rods. The more fishy look trucks in a parking lot is a sure give away on where the fish are. Check the beach before you lug all your stuff out, if you see rods bending then make up your mind where you want so set up. GIVE yourself and the other anglers who have already been there room to fish. Nothing like getting tangled and loosing a good fish. Fisherman become friends fast and enemies even faster, so think about what your doing.
Inside on the flats, trout, redfish, black drum and sheepshead, look for structure, docs are the best, the longer the better. They are fish magnets. but be careful not to get -TOO-  close, there is usually deeper water by them so boats can move around. Stand off and cast to them. Soft plastics have been working great for trout and redfish, but if using live bait put it on a cork so it can’t go to the bottom and hide in the sand or grass.
 Fishing for sheepshead and black drum has been really good, then you might want to fish on or closer to the bottom. Target docks, seawalls and bridge pylons  where the is a some sort of oyster type growth. 

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