Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I did some looking around at the Jupiter Inlet and Juno Pier today. Still the fishing has been slow, but it was a beautiful day. The water was as clear as I’ve seen in a LONG TIME, but there was only a few ocean perch caught. I did see a few snook roaming  the beach. I was able to see them from about 20-25 yds out, thats how clear and calm the water was. At the pier it was even slower. There where only tourist anglers out, none of the regulars. The only highlight was I saw some NICE sheepshead, and enough for me to wonder why I didn’t have a rod & reel, because there was NO ONE fishing for them. I’ve been asking around about why so slow down this way (Jupiter-Lake Worth) most are talking about the water temp. and there being a lot of work being done on the beaches (moving sand around) , I did notice that at the Jupiter Inlet the water on the inside of the south jetty looks real shallow and rocks covered by sand. The pier water seems shallower also. ??????

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