Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just A Note

Anglers, check out Snook-Nooks live web cast, every Thur. 8:30pm on ( snooknook .net ). Henry and Joe give a very good  report on whats happen inshore and off. Sometimes they leak secret spots and,                  


 after I tell you info.   I listen to their show weekly. Henery and Joe, anglers themselves, have been in the fishing game for a while, they know and talk to other anglers who have and are fishing all the “HOT SPOTS” They've told me about spots I have never heard of,,,let more find them. They talk about little things that make a lot of sense when you think about them......example (because of the cool/cold weather why get up at the CRACK OF DAWN?? Wait until the sun is out awhile, let it warm up the bottom and water. MOST FISH are more active after they warm up a little. Makes sense to me, when its cold it takes me a while to get it together............
Check them out, you’ll learn something!!!!!!!!!!

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