Monday, February 28, 2011

From Henry @ Snook Nook -Jensen Beach

Beautiful weather, lots of sun, no wind and warm, I love this place. So if every thing is so perfect where are the fish? Water has warmed; nights are cool but not cold so start fishing like it is summer. Look early, look deeper you have gone to the summer mode in one week.

Surf fishing has been scattered, you need to look around, put your bait deep and work it in. As the water warms the fish move in their comfort zone, start with a long cast and work the bait back to the shallow. Early is for the Blues but the bite has been after noon, water temps, they are in their comfort zone. These fish could be there early but you are not casting long enough to get to that zone, then a little wind and it moves the cooler water up close and here come the fish. I would locate Blue fish with cut baits then if they are close enough switch to a spoon. Summer not quite but it is time to start fishing in the summer mode. Whiting in the trough, Pompano in and out but Jacks are every where.

River it has been three feet of water, the action zone. Lots of small trout shallow, slot and bigger in that deeper water and because the water is deeper you can fish about any time you like. River is clear so look to go lighter on your leaders, Shrimp on a cork, soft rubber or suspending baits are all catching, Trout fishing has been very good. Reds have been little harder, not seeing the larger schools and late afternoon seems to be the best bite time, again go lighter with your leaders. Pompano are just not biting like they have been warmer water. Look to fish the deeper water, the channels, if they are on the flats it will adjacent those canals and channels, high tide preferred. Nice to hear about the Triple Tail riding the tide at the Jensen Causway and a good Trout bite from the Pier, mix in the Blues, Macs and Jacks stealing rods and reels from the catwalks and that tells it all. Yes those are Bone Fish in the Sail Fish Flats, no I don’t know what they are doing here other than the water is warming.

Till next week, has every one gotten their licence?????????????????? Henry

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