Tuesday, February 15, 2011

From Henry @ Snook Nook -Jensen Beach

Strong North winds and cool temperatures are here and have put a hold on most anglers fishing plans. It seems as if all the talk about great weather has come back to bite us. 

It looks like most pompano have temporarily moved out of the area, which has been the case all season. A few days of brisk cold weather will push them out, then a week of warm to bring them back. Of course there is still a few hanging around, and anglers braving the wind and cold have been picking at them. Yellow and white, pink and white, and chartreuse and white jigs have all been working, but take a ½ oz jig in this wind. Look in deep cuts and channels, where water temperatures are more consistent, if there’s a pompano around that’s where he will 
be. Incoming tide would be best.
Still a good number of trout, but the north wind, strait down the river makes flats fishing somewhat difficult. Canals, mangrove cuts and spoil islands will be your best bet. Again, you’re looking for deeper water. When a cold front pushes in, temperatures in shallow water will fluctuate more than in deeper water; trout and redfish will look for the more consistent water temps. Soft plastic jerk baits in a 5’’ glow or white, and when used in that depth, a 3/8oz jig head. A ½ oz DOA shrimp worked slowly should bend a rod as well. If you’re a hard bait fan, the L52mr mirror lure, when worked along docks and seawalls has produced bites.
The beach has just not been friendly the last few days either. Strong current and winds have made holding bottom rather difficult. Look for a good showing of large schools of jacks and blues corralling bait on the beach when the wind does calm. Spoons and top water baits will entice bites from both. Those fishing the Ft. Pierce jetty have been catching good size flounder and a few redfish as well.

Hopefully this report finds everyone in shorts and sandals; I know I’m ready for it…..

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