Friday, January 13, 2023

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

 It looks like Saturday is going to be cold and windy so the surf might be a little challenging to fish . I will be at Bass Pro Shops this Saturday, Gatlin Blvd in Port St Lucie, from 9 to 1 to answer any questions anyone might have regarding tackle, baits, locations,or techniques about fishing our great beaches this winter . The pompano bite has gotten off to a great start so feel free to stop by with any questions you might have . I will be happy to help anyone I can and the information and time is free!! It’s going to be a little tough to set up your sand spikes this Saturday so stop by

Thursday afternoon and it sounds like the nice pompano bite of the last three days finally cooled off . I did not go up to the beach today but the reports from fellow anglers were pretty slow . The fleet of mackerel and pompano commercial anglers in the boats that had been up around the beaches by Fort Pierce Inlet were absent in any numbers today according to my friends that fished . They had been doing great on those two species from the boats and if they were located just off the section of beach that you were fishing you were probably bending the rods . That kind of bite brings out throngs of people and unfortunately I have to say beach etiquette is not adhered to by a lot of the surf fishing public . It never amazes me how close fishermen will try to spike in on you when you catch a fish . I had to ask a couple of anglers to please move their initial placement of the spikes as they were right on top of me . It happened up and down the area we were fishing and you really don’t have to be on top of someone to catch some pompano . These fish move up and down the beach all day. I did make one move yesterday and want to thank friend and fellow surf fisherman Stu Adams for allowing me to fish the area he was vacating . Making a move to try a different spot is fine as long as you don’t just pick up your gear and jam up other anglers . Randy , Capt Mark Carduner , Deb , and myself ended up with 13 nice pompano again yesterday and 75 percent of the fish were taken on Powerlime Crab Fishbites on Powerlime colored rigs . This color has been unbelievable this season and I think the Snook Nook just got some more in to replenish their stock . This forecasted cold front that’s due here on Saturday is most likely going to make the Surf conditions somewhat challenging but look for more pompano, mackerel, and bluefish to move into our area in the beginning of the week . A little tip for everyone is stagger the distances on your baits if you are fishing more than one long rod . Yesterday we caught more on the 60 to 80 yard rods than we did on the 100 yarders . Those deeper beaches up towards Fort Pierce allow you to fish a bit closer than some of the shallower accesses on the south end of Hutchinson Island. Hope everyone has a great weekend, stay warm, and catch em up .

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