Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

 It is great to report about the ongoing pompano bite that we are experiencing here on the Treasure Coast . The last two January’s have been less than spectacular but this year we are seeing a nice spread of fish . The cold front on the Christmas weekend really put things into gear and it appears as if it is going to continue. I fished with Randy and Deb on Sunday and by myself this morning and went through some Fishbites on both days . Long time friend Chuck Frith set up right next to us yesterday and he also went home with some beautiful pompano . There has been a lot of life in the water with mackerel, bluefish, jacks, and a few whiting to go along with the pompano . I have to let everyone know about staggering the distances of your baits if you are fishing more than one rod . Yesterday our 60 to 70 yard rods caught as many pompano as our 100 yard setup’s. It was all about the Powerlime Crab Fishbites the last couple of days with the EZ Flea coming in second for the best producing scents and colors . Cut your Fishbites in a diamond shape to maximize the bait movement on the hook . Randy and I were using 3 ounce Sinker Guy Sputniks even in the calm waters the past couple days . These sinkers really keep your bait stationary and increases your chance of having that pompano hit it . After we got Randy his recreational limit for the freezer I worked on getting New England Seafood some of these great tasting fish for the retail market. They are in the display case on ice in the store and they do not get any fresher than the ones I dropped off today . The forecast calls for a slight uptick in the wind velocity this week but appears conditions should be fishable this week . I stopped at the Snook Nook this morning and they have a great inventory of Powerlime Crab Fishbites along with the new Periwinkle Purple Clam bait on the shelves. They also have an excellent inventory of Mark Burford’s Over The Bar Surf rods and this rod will put you in the game for catching pompano . The surf is alive so get out and bend a rod . Good luck this week and catch em up .

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