Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Float On.......Float On

How many times have you been fishing and SEE the perfect spot but for what ever reason can't get to it. I mean like down the sides of jetty edges, too rocky to get on, or bridge spans (NO FISHING Past This Point) just where the snook are hanging out in the lights, near other types of structure or just want your bait at a particular water column. 
                  Try this, its called an Adjustable Float rig........

The trick to this rig is the ( Knot shown in red) above the Cork or Float and the ( Sinker ) bellow it........

1) The Knot

Your making 3 half hitches (yellow line the Knot) ----  (blue line your main line)
After tightening all 3 you should be able to slide the knot and float up or down. 

2)  Above the float I put a bead and leave a little bit of tag end on the adjustable Knot. Under the float I put a ( 1/2 to 1oz ) egg sinker depending on how deep the water is and bait size. ( this is what will take your bait down to the depth you want). I then put my leader on about 10 to 12 inches........  I usually use a live shrimp, hooked so it can swim and pop freely.You can use other baits- finger mullet ,pin fish what ever, But not "TOO" Heavy.  You are able to put the bait as deep or shallow as you want just by sliding the knot and float up or down. If the float lies on its side you are draging bottom , thats not what you want. 
I like using BRIGHT colored floats like these, so I can easily see where my bait is. Let the Current do the rest for you, you can control everything by pulling your line back or forth....

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