Monday, February 13, 2012

From Capt. Henry @ SNOOK-NOOK Jensen Beach

I guess I spoke to soon, last week it was about our warm weather, but this is a new week and this morning it was anything but warm, forty one degrees.
Well I guess if you are a Blue Fish or Pompano fan this is your week. These cooler day will lower the surface temps and give some time and pattern to the fish, I still
like it warm. Surf anglers will find the Blues and Pomps in a pattern of times and locations, early for the Blues and mid morning for the Pompano. Snook are gone. they like it warm but if the seas settle down spoons for the Blues and Macs, fish them early the cooler the water the better. Pompano will look to get away from the turbid water, a long cast for these fish using clams and sand fleas and your limit is 6, eleven inches is the min.
Yes, the Pomps will show in the river, inlet, bridges and flats and that jigging spoon is their favored bait. In coming tide at the bridges and inlet, flats as long as the water is moving you will find your target skipping behind the boat. In the north fork I would drift around the wide part in the Club Med area and fish deep, almost a slow vertical jig, let the fish take the bait. A few big Reds in the inlets but the slots will be plentiful in the flats, they like the cooler water temps. Trout will be deep looking for a more moderate temps, soft rubber baits presented slowly will get their attention, when cold these fish will pick up a bait, not strike it as normal. Snook will go deep,so pick a bridge, use a Flair Hawk and slow down, when your bait stops set the hook.

This is south Florida it is supposed to warm, I think...........................till next week, if your bait stops set the hook..............HENRY

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