Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I've been ask, where do you go to fish........Even though I live in Palm Beach I do most of my fishing (wading,  jetties, bridges, beaches, etc.) up north, pretty much Jupiter on up. The reason is you have to go where the  fish you target are ........ Just like us fish like particular surroundings. If its mangroves, grass, oysters bars or whatever, you have to be at these places to even think about catching your targeted species. I fish all over, but what "I" want is north of Palm Beach. Now there are a lot of spots down here. I fish Snook at the bridges, piers and jetties, and one of my best sheepshead spots is Boynton Beach jetty. Its really hard to fish Palm Beach "TOO MANY BIG HOUSES", you can't get where the fish are on foot. 
BUT..........UP NORTH........ there are So Many places to fish on foot you have a hard time choosing where to go first..... 
 This book has become my MAIN source of Info. to where to go.. It was printed way back when but still gives me what I need to know and how to get there. I use this pluse local knowledge from tackle shops I have a great chance to catch fish.

I've only seen it in a few places..... Snook-Nook carrys it, Whites and Fishing Center, and Billy Bones in Ft. Pierce and Sturt,  Tuppens had a few at one time??  and Im sure you can find it on line. IF YOU SEE IT, GET IT ....... It will  SHOW YOU WHERE!!!!!!

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