Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Got Proof !!!!!!

Iv'e caught fish over the limit or just relesed them to tell about, and friends ask "SHOW ME THE PICTURE". Well alot of times you don't have a camera but most of us carry our cell phones. There is NO way  not show off the fish of a life time now with this APP.... This goes great with the new LifeProof case......
 (posted back on Feb. 2 2012)..... for my iphone

Fishare – the best way to share your catch!
Fishare is the easiest way to share your fishing catch.
You fish, you take a picture of your catch, and share it
instantly with all your fishing buddies!

Fishare allows you to add basic details on your catch instantly,
such as type of fish, its weight and length. You can also share
the location of your catch – and it's up to you how accurately!
In some cases your location may be your best kept secret...
Since fishing can sometimes be a very fishy business with fishy
hands, you can even automate picture taking and sharing: just
start the app, aim, take a pic and let Fishare do the rest.
Once online, you can add details on your catch with the Fishare
mobile app or on Facebook. Vote, comment and share your own
and your friends' catches with all your Facebook friends. And of
course, add more of your best catches right from the website.
To get started with Fishare, all you need is a Facebook account.
Check it out. For the Android and Iphone.

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