Monday, February 27, 2012

From Capt. Henry @ SNOOK-NOOK Jensen Beach

Water temps are still with us, warm all week then a cold snap on the week end, Pompano and Blues like it. As long as it stays cool the fish will move in, Blues and Pompano like the cooler water, it takes about a day to cool the edge, the river, surf and bridges will be the place if the wind will slow down. Keep in mind the fish are unaffected by the wind it is the angler standing in the wind is the problem. Heavy weights and looking for some flat water will help solve that problem. Surf anglers the Blues will be there early may stay all day with runs of Pompano making their way the edge, four once should hold as long as that north wind slows down and the Pompano should be in casting range for all anglers. Cut bait for the Blues , clams and shrimp for the Pompano time will not be an issue with these over cast sky and any location will work. Should it warm again, Snook season is open.
This wind has rive anglers running for the flat water and the fish are not disappointing them, Trout in two to three feet, big Reds at the shore line and mix in the Lady fish, blues, jacks, mac’s, drum and flounder, did I mention Pompano it has been a good week in spite of the wind. Wind has forced anglers to new areas that they may not have fished before, Pompano in the North Fork, trolling for Snook in the South Fork of just drifting the cove north of Nettles have all been very productive. Looking for Pompano that jigging spoon is the ticket from a boat or the bridge, Trout and Reds soft rubber, trolling for Snook try that Bomber or a Rattle trap but than live shrimp will get them all. Over cast days make for an all day bite but I still love the sun shine, cooler water temps make for more fish but I sure miss the warm, I know I will adjust.

Now if for some reason you can not get out till late evening, the more the wind blows the better the Snook fishing, pick a bridge, bring a few Flair Hawks and you are in the game, when was the last time you fished the spoils north of North bridge?........................................................

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