Friday, November 11, 2016

From Todd /Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE:  This week saw a big push of late season mullet come through.  The snook and jacks took notice, and piled on at the buffet line.  Area bridges all continue to hold snook at night, while seawalls and boat docks are a good starting point during the day.  Live mullet lobbed along a seawall is a good bait choice during the day, while a flairhawk or big swimbait is a good choice around the bridge at night.  Outgoing and incoming tide are both producing fish just look for a good current flow either way and the snook should be active.  The flats around Munyan Island are living up, with a fair number of jacks and snook hanging out; as well as the occasional spotted seatrout.  Try the low light periods of the day for the best results.  
                  photo courtesy of  Pompano Rich"

SURF/PIER:  Surf fishing remains pretty good with a nice mixed bag of species around.  Pompano are here in fair numbers (though not as good as Lake Worth), with decent catches coming on sand fleas, clams, and fish bites.  Bluefish remain scattered along the beach, as do spanish mackerel.  Blacktip sharks are also starting to make there way down the beach.  Large topwater popping plugs and fresh cut bait are the best bets for the sharks.  Should be a pretty good weekend along the beach for fishing...get after it!

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