Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sebastian Inlet Report



We opened the north jetty gates late yesterday afternoon; we had some real happy anglers! The jetty is now open approximately 75%. The grates on the tip of the jetty are custom due to the angles but we are working on getting those replaced. At this time we have no time frame but we will keep you posted when we have a date confirmed. The north jetty is open 24/7 again; please help us take care of this wonderful resource. Do not leave your clam shells on the deck, put them in the water. Pick up after yourself; do not leave litter lying on the jetty deck. Place your used fishing line in the containers, it helps save wildlife. Limit the number of rods to two at a time please, jetty real estate is valuable! DO NOT throw objects at boaters, no excuses. The jetties are navigational jetties, fishing from them is a privilege, not a right. The western gate is a permanent fixture and can be closed at any time; it will be up the users of the jetty. 

It is another beautiful day at the Sebastian Inlet. Winds are blowing out of the East-Northeast at 4 mph, gusting to 7 and there is a moderate chop on the water. We have another cold front predicted for Saturday night which will bring us increasing winds and building seas. On this Wednesday morning, there are no NOAA advisories for the Thanksgiving weekend but conditions can change very quickly, always check prior to boating. This is our last update until Monday. 

Yesterday was a real good day at the inlet. Prior to opening the gate, boats surrounding the north jetty were reeling in some real sweet catches. Snook, Reds, Black Drum and Sheepshead were plentiful. Anglers crowded onto the small portion that was open were catching a few fish, but had better luck after the west gate was opened. Victor Montalvo of Orlando landed a few nice Black Drum in the crowded space. 

Our first photo today is courtesy of Dan Wendt of Raleigh, NC. Dan and his son William are in town for the Thanksgiving weekend and they were among the happy anglers who got to stretch out after the gates were opened. William is featured in our first photo with his first Black Drum. 

Photo two features Victor Villanueva of Kissimmee. Victor was fishing the south beach and did very well with some huge Pompano. He was using sand fleas and came up with a double header on one rod and landed another on a different rod at the same time! That was a great school of Pompano that came through! Victor ended up with five beautiful Pompano that day. 
Vince Patterson landed his 28.5" slot Snook in photo three last weekend on the north side using a bucktail. 

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