Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Scouting Around With Jayson "That's R-man" Arman

Fishing report for the Indian River Lagoon.  and cooking instructions for seatrout
In the last couple days there have been very good numbers of sea trout showing up in the 3 to 5 foot range along the west shoreline of the Indian River Lagoon. Covering a lot of ground is very important so you can find where the schools are located. Jose Abreu and Nino Torres went fishing with That's R-man land-based fishing services and as a combined group caught over 30 sea trout in only about 45 minutes using the Bass Assassin sea shads in the drunk monkey and electric chicken color. When the water cools off the Sea trout fishing will consistently get better. Once the water stays cold for a little while I like keeping the sea trout in the top part of the slot. A  slot-size sea trout is 15" to 20" the bigger schooly normally are better quality of meat. If you decide on keeping any sea trout make sure you have a quick connect attached to you if you are wade fishing. The same goes for a kayak or paddle board the man in the gray suit is curious he does not want to eat you but he definitely wants to take a bite out of your tasty sea trout. So make sure your stringer is nice and long.
  "Cooking Sea Trout" it is a very delicate fish I advise not cooking it for very long and lightly seasoning the fish to enjoy the texture of the meat. I like preparing sea trout with onions tomatoes garlic and basil all cooked down together in some butter. Then only putting salt and pepper on the sea trout putting it in the oven for 20 minutes on 380. Statewide the sea trout is the most targeted inshore game fish. 
Always handle them with care and try to use a de'hooker if you are not keeping them !
If you ever have any questions or would like to book a fishing trip My email is and my phone number is 772-530-8080 you can also find me on Facebook under Jayson Arman or you can follow me on Instagram search thatsrman hit the follow button and you will see all of the different species that we go for on a regular basis !

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