Thursday, November 3, 2016

Water Walkin With Jayson Arman

                            Wade fishing
Why is wade fishing so important. Sometimes in fishing it is about the very small details. As a local fisherman and now a fishing guide in the south Florida area I have put myself in numerous different scenarios. Deep sea fishing, Bass fishing from land, Beach fishing, fishing from a dock or a bridge, and of course Wade fishing ! There is something very unique and special about the Simplicity of wade fishing. Taking one rod some artificial lures. Leaving the boat or some form of transportation at home. And jumping in the water and walking around. Understanding very small details of the bottom and why fish will hold their. Getting on a school of fish and not having to worry about spooking them. I have taken people from all different forms of life to experience Wade fishing. And from some of the most experienced fisherman to a beginner. There is nothing better than seeing their face after they catch their biggest sea trout. Or Monster Snook. Being in the water with these huge fish really helps you understand their habits. And That's R-man land-based fishing services understands your frustrations when it comes to fishing. If you ever decide to book a trip with me you will definitely get your money's worth. I share several different techniques on artificial lure presentation technique and choices for different situations and different species of fish. I also provide all the gear for. Bridge Fishing. Beach fishing. Jetty fishing. And of course Wade fishing. If you think you're interested in experiencing something different email me or call me anytime or my cell is 772-530-8080
And always remember TECHNIQUE is everything when it comes to using artificial lures ! Good luck out on the water. And don't forget to ALWAYS keep your line wet !
Story/Photos courtesy of Jayson Arman 


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