Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sebastian Inlet Report


The north jetty is now open approximately 75%. The grates on the tip of the jetty are custom due to the angles; we are working on getting those replaced. The north jetty is open 24/7 again; please help us maintain this wonderful resource. Do not leave your clam shells on the deck, put them in the water. Pick up after yourself; do not leave litter lying on the deck. Put unwanted bait back into the water. Place your used fishing line in the provided containers, it saves wildlife and helps limit the number of tangled lines. Limit the number of rods to two at a time. DO NOT throw objects at boaters; NO EXCUSES. The western gate is a permanent fixture and can be closed at any time; it will be up the users of the jetty. 

The wind has subsided a little, this morning we have South-Southeast breezes at 9 mph with gusts to 13. We have a moderate chop on the water and NOAA has a small craft advisory in effect though this afternoon. Boating conditions will be poor for the rest of the day.

The bite has been excellent. Black Drum have been thick and we are seeing Sheepshead, Spanish Mackerel, Flounder, Blues, Reds, Snook, Pompano and Trout come over the rails of both jetties. Anglers are having good luck all over the State Park, from the beaches and the Indian River. Nothing beats fall fishing at the Sebastian Inlet!

Our first photo today is courtesy of Kevin Platt of Suntree. Kevin sent in this photo of his friend Chris Sorgenfrei with a huge, 41" bull Red he landed on live mullet. The Red was safely released to fight another day. 

Photo two features Phillip Wachsler of Melbourne Beach. Phillip landed several Snook keeping the one in the photo. He said he landed it on a piece of turkey dipped in gravy, *wink. 

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