Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Surf-N with Jayson "That's R-Man" Arman


Beach fishing report along the Treasure Coast with cooking instructions for Pompano and Macs
George Arman father of Jayson Arman from That's R-man land-based fishing services went beach fishing along some Treasure Coast beaches in search of Pompano. Using fresh prep clams and a double hook surf rig. Jayson busted out his 12' surf rods for very long casts. Having the right combo when beach fishing for Pompano can be very important. I normally bring one 12' rod two 10' rods and sometimes even bringing one or two 8' rods for casting spoons gotcha plugs and Diamond jigs for mackerel ladyfish jacks and others. Sometimes one species of fish will be more productive than the other and you want to be prepared for whatever comes your way when you hit the water. That's why I tried to carry several different things and also having my FishNPack can really help. It is a backpack with rod holders. Perfect for beach fishing. When planning a beach trip you always want to look at the tides and the wind direction. Sometimes your early mornings can be better because you will see the bait schools and the fish crashing on them. As the day goes on and more wind comes about it could be better for the Pompano and whiting along the beaches when it is a little more choppy.
Normally fishing for the Spanish mackerel I will never use wire always heavier monofilament in the 50 pound to 60 pound range and also try to avoid using any terminal tackle especially terminal tackle that is shiny the fish will attack the shine of the terminal tackle and you will get more cut offs. If you are going to use anything make sure it is a flat black color.

 Preparing Pompano
I like cooking Pompano on a BBQ Grill. Putting some form of blackening seasoning over the fish with red onions and butter wrapping the fish in a Banana Leaf. Going inside and checking on your biscuits and preparing a salad. Should be just enough time for your fish to cook on the grill no more than 15 minutes.
 Preparing spanish mackerel
I like leaving the skin on Spanish mackerel and cooking them in a hot pan with butter using bread crumbs to season Garlic salt and a little bit of Italian dressing. Cooking the fish through. Only should take maybe 7 minutes on each side. Having some roasted asparagus with garlic in the oven for approximately 25 minutes at 425. And don't forget about the sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar. Should make for a perfect meal.
  If you ever have any questions or you would like to book a fishing trip my email is thatsrman4677@gmail.com and my phone number is 772-530-8080

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