Friday, November 11, 2016

How To with Big Dave's land based lessons. How to get tight!

So you want to catch a trophy fish huh? Well, let's see if I can muster up a few big time tips for ya!
                       BIG FISH 101!!!

1) Regardless of species, it pays to know their seasonal movements involving spawning, feeding and migration. You can learn a lot about a fish's biology from our friend the Internet...
2) Focus your efforts on fishing at times when the pressure on the fish is lowest. Less hooks in the water, less boats roaring around and less cars driving over a bridge means the fish won't be as nervous and therefore, more likely to strike.
3) Big fish love rough, nasty weather. The increase in wave activity, tidal surge, reduction in clarity and wind churning the surface to foam creates an ambush predator playground. 
4) As a good friend of mine might say, "Don't be afraid to play dirty," I understand that many of you are plug guys but you WILL miss a lot of big fish opportunities by staying exclusively with artificial's. Chunking or live baiting is the way to go if you're targeting big, tackle wary fish.
5) Tide is everything. Contrary to popular belief, most fish will feed on both the outgoing and incoming tides. All they do is move to different positions looking for more food or resting areas.
6) Watch the tide charts. Pay attention to how high or low the tide is going to be. A tide below the average is called a negative tide. These can really put a hamper on the fishing as the fish flee the shallows for deeper water. An extra high tide is known as a positive tide. These tides will pull the fish back into shallower, more accessible water. Any time I see the tide charts reading a 2.0 positive or greater, I get excited! That means the water at high tide will be 2 feet higher than average, putting the fish into the rocks or other structure, looking for food from otherwise inaccessible ambush positions.
7) Don't waste your time fishing dead water. If you aren't seeing much bait, chances are that there isn't much worth fishing for. I don't necessarily mean a lack of mullet or greenies. What I'm referring to is the very bottom of the food chain. Nearly every likely spot will have some form of tiny bait present. Whether it's glass minnows or minute juvenile fish of any variety, that is what starts the whole thing going. Pinfish, grunts, croakers larger herring, horn bellies and big pilchards all feed on these micro baits as well as plankton. If you don't spot any schools of the tiny stuff, don't expect much action.
8) Be ready for anything. There is nothing worse than being heartbroken because you brought a gun to a knife fight. If all you brought is a lighter outfit to the party you can still catch big fish with some minor alterations and a degree of patience. Learn to tie a double line, I use a spider hitch but many people like a Bimini twist. The double line will add a certain amount of forgiveness to your line upon hooking a big fish as well as offer a stronger connection.

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