Thursday, September 17, 2015

From Henry & Fred @ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach


Surf is busy with baits, lots of baits.  Water is warm so the Snook and Tarpon are here to test your equipment and you.
You can see the fish rolling, best time is early before sun up, when you seen the bait jumping you will know where to fish.
Been a lot of fish at the beach, Whiting, Croaker and a few  Pompano with Spanish Macs to keep busy and to take home.
All make excellent table fare especially the Whiting.
   Low light, early or late if it numbers is the target be there early.   Top water in the skinny water, some thing make a
little noise, chugggers or rattlers give the fish something to hold their attention.  After sun up look to fish deeper water or
shaded water,  slow down you retrieve.   On the north side of Nettles Island start up close and as the sun rises fish the deeper
water plenty of Trout with a mix of Reds and a few Flounder to keep busy.  That west side has been the Reds location with a
good mix of Trout but early is most important.   So where are the Snook, pick a bridge any where the water is moving, they are
feeding face into the current.   Jigs have toped the list, red tail hawks casted up into the current let it touch bottom and now is the
time to lift it lightly and let the current do the work.  Tarpon, plenty in the morning but they are to much work this old man, serious
tackle testers. 

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