Friday, September 4, 2015

Has anyone ever told you that size doesn’t matter? Well when it comes to Snook Season, it does! Are you ready to win some cool prizes this season?

The contest is simple:

1. Purchase a Big D’s Keeper measuring tape from Tackle for Less for just $3.99 anytime during Snook season and that is your entry fee for the contest which is from 9/1 - 12/15/2015!

2. Simply use Big D’s Keeper tape to record the length of your Snook (see example in picture) then take a picture along with Tackle for Less logo sticker and post to our Facebook SIZE DOES MATTER event page. 

• One prize bucket will be awarded on each of the following dates: 9/15, 9/30, 10/15, 10/30, 11/15, 11/30 and overall Grand Prize on 12/15. 

• Photos MUST be submitted NO LATER than midnight, the day before prize award date listed above.

Prize buckets will vary in contents but will have a value of over $50.00.Grand Prize will be revealed during the contest. All prizes must be picked up in person, in store.

Have fun and remember for entry, stop by Tackle for Less, purchase your Big D's Keeper tape, measure your Snook and post your picture to our event page!! And don't listen to anyone who tells you that size doesn't matter, because it does!! :)

Any questions about this contest please contact us on our event page or by calling 772-210-6660. Open to ALL anglers!!

***Just a few reminders from the FWC on the upcoming Snook Season. License Requirements: Snook permit and recreational fishing license. Allowable Gear: Hook and line only. Size Limit: Not less than 28" total length or more than 32" total length for keepers. Release over 32". Bag Limit 1 per harvester per day.

Please don't forget safe handling and catch & release for conservation! Thanks and good luck!!

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