Monday, September 28, 2015

Sebastian Inlet Report



It's a beautiful morning at the inlet. We have a light wind coming out of the South-Southwest at 2 mph, gusting to 4 and there is a light chop around the jetties but the ICW is smooth. Be sure to take insect repellent if you head to the inlet today, the no see 'ums are relentless when there is no breeze. NOAA is calling for scattered showers and thunderstorms today. We will be experiencing extreme tides over the next couple of days due to the supermoon. 

Mullet, mullet everywhere; the water is teeming with those wonderful creatures that are attracting lots of predators. Plenty of Reds and Snook, lots of Jacks, Blues, Tarpon, Trout and even a few Flounder are keeping our inlet anglers busy. Spanish Mackerel should start to show up any time and we expect to start seeing more Flounder as well.

  Our first photo today is of Claire Elam of Satellite Beach who landed this 27.5" Red off the north jetty. Oh, so close! Claire returned the oversized Red to the water but was optimistic on landing a keeper. 
  Photo two features Jason Cascio of Sebastian. Jason landed this 30" C/R Red off the north jetty  using an 8" mullet on the incoming tide. He and his friends hooked up with Reds, Blues and Catfish and reported tons of Jacks coming over the rails. Huge Tarpon were rolling the surf in giant schools of mullet too. 
  Photo three features Mike Ricciardi of Vero Beach with a 25" slot Red he landed off the north jetty . Mike fished the afternoon that day and found much of the same actions with Reds, Snook and Jacks. 

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